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We’ve never stopped evolving and adapting

Pictogram fulfils the need for quality, reliable and effective creative support that is more affordable than engaging a full service agency or employing in-house staff.

We are an independent, creative design studio owned by Mark Watson, one of Australias' most experienced graphic designers.

Mark left a lead designer role in London for the shores of Australia and after working with some of Sydneys' leading graphic design studios and agencies, Pictogram was born.

That was over 30 years ago. The business has continually evolved and adapted to embrace the birth of Apple, the internet, social media, Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube..... and the list goes on. This depth of experience has enabled us to deliver high-quality, integrated offline and online campaigns for our clients. 

Our journey has included some extraordinary highlights including being involved in the 2000 Olympic Bid for Qantas, the launch of St Paul insurance in Australia and consistently working with Australias' leading PR agencies to provide design and marketing services to a wide range of companies, even winning a few awards on the way.

We harness our diverse experience to get to the heart of our clients’ challenges and our consistent, reliable support has enabled us to help our clients to build some of Australia's most iconic brands.

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