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Sybase invaluable marketing support


Mobilising Marketing with Pictogram

For more than 20 years, Sybase has been a leader in developing and expanding innovative database technology. The company has earned the trust of many of the world’s leading companies for its ability to manage information and deliver unsurpassed levels of data reliability and security.

Today, 81 of Fortune 100 use Sybase technology for their database and information mobility requirements. At the same time, as 2009 beckons, Sybase Australia is about to enter its fifth year of working with Pictogram.

Sybase uses Pictogram for many of its ongoing and ad hoc marketing requirements: everything from tradeshow booth signage to free standing pull-up banners is taken care of by Pictogram, often with only a few days notice in hand. In addition, in order to maximise its global resources, Pictogram is often asked to localise US-generated marketing collateral.


“On other occasions,” as Lucy Tildesley, marketing manager for Sybase ANZ explains, “I’ve only got a vague idea for how I want a booth or a conference venue to look and then Pictogram Design come in, review our brand guidelines and the result is a fabulous booth structure.”

“Pictogram is also tasked with laying out locally generated customer testimonial case studies within set template guidelines. This material can then be placed on the Sybase ANZ web site or printed for use as give-away material at tradeshows and conferences.”

“Having a ‘can do’ and capable company like Pictogram on board is a terrific partnership for marketing departments within Australian subsidiaries of overseas headquartered companies. We’re often tasked to perform similar activity as our overseas counterparts but we just don’t have the in-house staff resources that a European or US office might enjoy.”

“Using outsourced specialist agencies like Pictogram means that I can now concentrate on my other responsibilities for increasing brand awareness, generating sales leads, managing partner and alliance marketing and working closely with the sales team,” says Tildesley.

“During 2009, Sybase plans to continue with its promotional marketing – speaking at industry seminars, exhibiting in conferences, conducting partner marketing support, and promoting the Sybase brand in print and online media.  All these activities will be supported by Pictogram’s graphic design, online, signage and print production capabilities.”

“Apart from their design capabilities, they’re just a great bunch of people to work with – quick to respond, always helpful, consistent and can be counted on for their reliability for a fast turn around,” says Tildesley.


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