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Song Central logo and web site design

Song Central

Songwriters get the Share of Voice

This month sees the launch of Song Central, Australia’s first independent, online marketplace for new music all thanks to the initial inspiration of its Sydney-based founders, Sue Duchesne and Duncan Hill.

Established in the belief that creativity should have the opportunity to stand on its own merit and not be dependent on knowing the right people, Song Central enables songwriters and composers to market their music to a wide range of people who want to source, sample, shortlist and select original songs and music.

With the business idea in hand, Song Central appointed Pictogram Design to develop a strong brand identity for the new organisation.

Initially, Pictogram Design was briefed to design a logo that would represent a place that evoked a constant exchange of music and ideas.

“As the organisation will also target the wider music industry itself, including the record companies, music publishers, artists, performers, film, advertising and television producers, we briefed Pictogram to design a logo which could be universally acceptable to all age groups, a wide cross section of the music world and diverse music genres. Quite a task to say the least,” says organisation co-founder, Duchesne.

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Putting its 20 years’ of experience to work on the fledgling organisation’s requirements, the Pictogram logo result is a universally accepted railway station symbol dashed with musical notes all presented in green and gold colouring – a strong identity ideal for representing the unique location for Australian songwriters and composers.

With the logo finalised, Song Central then successfully embarked on applying for an AusIndustry government grant, the infusion of funds helping to complete the development of the platform in advance of its commercial launch.  With government support and encouragement from organisations that include APRA and the major song writing associations. Song Central then commissioned Pictogram to design a web site which could appeal to both songwriters and the music industry itself.

At the outset, Pictogram designed a web site masthead which would reflect the initial railway theme but provide access and availability to all genre of songwriter music, from rock and country to jazz, classical and house – in fact, just about any type of music you can imagine. In turn, this would facilitate access for visitors to quickly search for their particular individual requirements.

Pictogram’s presentation of a series of music genre squares cleverly depicts the windows of a train carriage, with each window representing a different genre almost inviting the individual in as a visitor to share the journey.

“Song Central is an avenue for songwriters which facilitates access for both the creators and users of music. It makes life easier to search for songs and music.

As a result, the web site had to be clean and simple yet incorporate technically challenging elements such as a functioning media player and ample opportunities for song writers to keep their own home page as a subset site within the overall Song Central umbrella." says Duchesne.

Indeed, content within Song Central itself is not publicly accessible. Both songwriters and industry visitors need to be registered users while the former have their own personalised home pages within Song Central where their songs and music can be stored to support industry tenders and critiqued for review.

The result from Pictogram is a web site which stands alongside the logo as simple yet engaging, friendly but means serious business and yet all the time can transcend music genre.

Complimenting the initial logo, orange and green were chosen for the website’s theme colours. These tones provide a warm and welcoming experience. At the same time, with large traffic volumes expected and a desire to compliment the logo while keeping the look consistent across all browsers and platforms, Pictogram carefully selected the Verdana common web designed typeface.

“For all those budding songwriters who are not known, Pictogram has used its combined creative skills across web, logo design, advertising and collateral promotion to create a delightfully inviting web site which will enable individuals to showcase their songs while at the same time giving industry access to a wider pool of talent and material than they have ever had before.

The web site had its first public viewing at Song Summit 2008 in Sydney to which we received an arousing response. This was out first public exposure so Pictogram also designed display banners, posters, advertisements and T-shirts.

The logo, the web site and the graphics across several medium have now resulted in an integrated design communications program for Song Central which we know will now put us and Australian songwriters soundly on the stage for greater potential in our combined future success,” says Duchesne.


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