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Pictogram Prescribes Healthy Dose of E-Marketing for
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Earlier this year, leading Australian medical equipment company, Device Technologies tasked Pictogram Design with building a company web store front - - from scratch for its new range of body image products and scar therapy solutions.

As an independent company, Device Technologies sources and supplies the most technologically advanced medical devices in the world. However, armed with a new range of products in the realm of body shape active wear and scar management the company set out to reach a new audience of consumers typically not among its traditional medical systems buyers.

“We were looking at ways to reach a mass audience and we realised that offering customers the convenience of shopping at their own moment of need would help increase our market momentum. We also wanted to make it easier for customers to do business with us,” says Kylie Matheson, Product Manager, Device Technologies.

Following a market review of its potential options, Pictogram Online Business Solutions was selected to design and build the company’s first e-commerce portal.


“We wanted a web site that was visually compelling, crisp and tailored for both the exercise and scan therapy market and so we needed to achieve a balance between the two product solutions."

“Pictogram were very helpful in generating ideas from the outset for design, content and navigation. They designed a web site crammed with clever features for both consumers and for our own team in the actual management of the site. They also found ways to enable us to allow consumers to securely purchase products online, as well as ask questions to clarify product features and benefits. Importantly, they were strikingly creative in actually generating the store name,, which we took an instant liking to,” says Matheson.

The bodytech store features the latest technology in body image products, whether you’re looking to instantly and visibly improve your shape, get support for your body and muscles or reduce the visible signs of scar tissue. The two flagship solutions are:

Marena Everyday, a premiere lab-tested and clinically-studied Body Shaping Activewear garment range designed for people looking for shape and exercise garments with scientifically proven results in performance and comfort, and NewGel+ Silicone Gel Sheets, an advanced form of silicone gel sheeting designed for the management of scars.

Pictogram’s design included a flexible web site layout that allows Matheson and her team to amend the site on the fly when new brands are added. At the same time, each brand has a unique set of menus that are related to specific products so the purchaser can find more information prior to purchase.

The web site design enables the company to add any number of different brands and products, all with instant access to the shopping cart which can also accept multiple brand purchases in one transaction.

At any time, Matheson can log into a system dashboard and immediately gain an instant snapshot of who and how many people are interacting with the site.

Customer profiles can also be securely accessed enabling Device Technologies to see how individual consumers have responded to the company’s marketing collateral and ongoing marketing campaigns. For example, how many newsletters they have read, what specials they have clicked on, which purchases have been made. The information is automatically added as consumers interact with the site providing the company with useful long-term marketing segmentation programs.

“What we have as a company for the first time is a web site which is not only easy to use but easy for us to manage. We can change content at the click of a mouse which is simply perfect when you’re managing multiple prices, images, and product specifications. You don’t need any web or HTML knowledge and this means that we can manage the site in-house rather than using sometimes rather pricy external providers,” says Matheson.


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