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Digital Marketing for the time poor


Pictogram gives birth to new web site

Thank you to our many regular clients that have been keeping us busy over the past nine months and continually bumping our own web site back in the priority list.

Our own site was so out of date (last major change in 2009), it became increasingly embarrassing explaining to our prospects that we are too busy to update our own web site. Something had to change!

We have added some more examples of our more interesting projects to show what can be achieved, and kind words from our clients. If you would like to discuss any projects showcased on our site (I have my favourite stories) please contact us via our web site.

We also have increased our services to include a completely managed web marketing solution for companies that are time-poor. Although a few of our clients already use this service, and have recommended us to others, we would like to spread the word to a wider audience.


We have found many companies are failing to keep up with the fast-paced changing web environment. Normally because it is either much too confusing for them or they just do not have the time or staff to keep on top of updating their web site and engaging with their prospects and customers properly. And linking digital and traditional mediums seamlessly was nigh impossible!

I can't count the number of times I have contacted companies to use their services or purchase their products through their web site and get absolutely no response. I have saved myself hundreds and they will have lost thousands!

The challenge of a successful business today is to keep on top of change. If it does not, there are dire consequences.

If you wish to make a change or find out more you can visit our site at Digital for the time poor or if you are too busy, just shoot me an email.


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